If you want to have a good time and at the same time to earn real money, the best option for you is online poker. For a very long time, this gambling game has successfully made its way to the expanses of the Internet. Thanks to the possibility of taking part in poker from anywhere in the world in an online format players can enjoy this unique process in the coolest sites. And if there is an opportunity, of course, you just have to choose for yourself one of them. Further in this article, you will get all the necessary information about online poker. Namely how to play, where and how to win. So carefully read everything that is written below.

🕹 How to play online poker?

The online poker game itself is no different from the offline format that everyone is accustomed to. If you have already had experience, it will be much easier for you. The most important difference with online poker is that everything is now located on your computer screen. You can perform all the same actions that all players are accustomed to. Since Texas Hold’em is considered the most common type of game, it is worth considering. The basic poker rules can be summarized in a few points:

  • The first thing to do is to take your place. That is, you need to choose a table and type of game;
  • Players make bets (clockwise). The first two participants on the right hand of the dealer do it “blind”;
  • Everyone gets two cards. Only he can see them. Opponents may have no idea what’s hidden under the other players’ card shirts until the end of the game;
  • If during the bidding no one has equalized the bet then the winner is determined automatically. He has the right to take the pot immediately;
  • Three common cards which are visible to all appear on the table;
  • Participants evaluate their chances of winning and make a decision. There are three options for everyone – to bet or not to bet, or to quit the game;
  • A fourth card is added to the three shared already on the table. The remaining players are given the opportunity to bet;
  • The fifth common card is opened. The final bets are made on the same principle as the previous ones;
  • If one of the players maximized the bet, and the others did not support him – he takes the pot without opening cards. If there are several participants at the table, the winner is declared the one who managed to make the best combination.

This is the whole process of playing poker online. In principle, there is nothing complicated. However, it is also undoubtedly important and the first thing to do is to learn all the poker combinations. Otherwise, you will definitely not be able to play.

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🃏 Combinations in Poker Online

In order to play poker successfully you need to know and understand how big each combination is. This will help you think faster and make decisions. Check out all the combinations in poker online:

  • Flash Royal. The most powerful poker combination. It consists of a single-handed ace, king, queen, jack and 10;
  • Straight flush. Five consecutive single-handed cards. A straight in poker, in most cases, brings the player a victory;
  • Four-of-a-Kind/Carre. A combination that requires the player to have four cards of the same value;
  • Full House. A combination that gives the player three cards of one hand and two of a different hand;
  • Flash. This combination in poker Hodlem implies the presence of five one-suit cards;
  • Straight. This combination consists of five cards of any suit, going in order;
  • Set. Three cards of the same suit. Preferably aces;
  • Two Pairs. A combination of two pairs of cards with the same value. Happens quite often;
  • One Pair/Deuce. Two cards of the same value. Looked at by seniority;
  • The High Card. This is not even a combination.

There is not much information and it is not complicated. Therefore, there will be no problem in learning it. These are all the combinations that you can meet in poker online.

💥 Rating of Online Poker Sites

It’s time to learn about the best poker sites in the world. All of them are absolutely legal and safe. You can also register at any of these poker rooms. They provide users with the opportunity to play all the main types of this card game. The sites are the most convenient platforms. They have good ratings and reviews from users all over the world. Especially so that poker players from any country can take part in tournaments, deposit and get the winnings they have many different payment systems. You may easily make any financial transaction. You can check out the top ones below:

  • 888poker. USD 8 Free Bonus. Promotion + 100% to the amount of the deposit up to USD 1000;
  • Pokerstars. Attraction bonus +100% First Deposit Up To USD 600;
  • PartyPoker. Promotion for newbies +100% up to USD 600 + USD 30 in tickets;
  • TigerGaming. After registration, you can take advantage of a bonus on your first deposit of +100% up to USD 1,000;
  • GGPoker. After registering, you can get USD 50 in free tickets or +100% Deposit Match up to USD 600;
  • Bet365 Poker. USD 365 Welcome Bonus;
  • Unibet. Promotion for newbies USD 20 extra + USD 200 bonus;
  • Betsafe. To your first deposit will add +100% up to USD 2,000;
  • BetOnline. The amount of the first deposit of the player after registration will increase +100% up to USD 1,000;
  • America’s Cardroom. Promotion for new users +100% match up to USD 2,000;
  • Red Dog Casino. Beginners get +260% and 35 FS;
  • Bovada Poker. Welcome bonus +100% up to USD 500.

These are the 10 best sites for online poker. These companies already have a lot of experience in gambling. The number of users of each of these sites exceeds 1 million. You can choose any one you like. Then go to the official website of this poker room, register, make a deposit and get a bonus, and then you may start playing for real money.

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