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Video Poker game

Video poker started at the late seventies by making its entry to the biggest casinos of the world and gained fame & publicity rapidly in a very short time. It is consider to be one of the most popular forms of gambling. Nowadays you do not have to visit a real casino as you will find video poker sites everywhere on the web. They are fun, entertaining and remain the best choice for someone who likes a game of skill, the possibility of winning large amounts, a low house edge and the anonymity of playing unbothered.

So go ahead and add some variety to your online casino gaming with video poker. Most online casinos made it so easy for anyone to get down to playing. You do not even have to download anything or install anything in order to play. Simply choose you favorite version of video poker and start playing right away with your web browser. A good place to start would be visiting’s list of popular video poker casino sites that are rated with comprehensive reviews. They also have information about the different video poker variants you can play online.

You may use other poker related websites to absorb knowledge, learn the rules of the game and become more familiar with it. Check out our poker lessons section for poker lessons. As they say, read & practice makes perfect so you can use our website to improve you skills.

You probably have heard the quote `the house always wins`. Video poker is an exception to that rule. If you look for the most liberal pay tables, and play them properly, you can have a small advantage.

Even if you only enjoy gambling at a real casino, video poker websites can help you increase your odds of winning without taking the risk and without paying so much for expensive live casino lessons. Most online casino like included free guides on how to play each video poker variation so you can get familiar with the rules and overall concept of each game before you start playing.

One of the most inviting issues about video poker is that they offer the intrigue of online poker without the stress of competing against other players. You will be able to test your poker skills against the computer dealer, which makes this a spectacular experience.

All video poker casinos include a wide variety of video poker games for you choose from. You’ll find popular and commonly played versions all over the web. Here are two of the most popular variations of video poker:

  • Jacks or Better: Ideal for beginners, all you have to do to win this game is get a pair of Jacks (or better) in your hand. Jacks are known for having above average payouts.
  • Deuces Wild: In this fun variation of poker, all the 2 cards turn into wild cards. Therefore the following hands will earn you some prizes: four of a kind deuces, five of a kind and a royal flush.

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