Live Play vs Online

Live Play vs Online

Playing poker online and offline have some slight differences. The cards you have become more important when playing online.

When you are playing poker in a live environment, you get to see all your opponents. This allows you to pick up tells, such as body language and composure. But online you only see your screen and not your opponents themselves.

That’s not to say that online poker doesn’t have tells, because there are definitely tells you can pick up online. But they are very different kinds of tells. They are usually something to do with timing, screen names and other similar aspects to the online game. Although those aren’t as reliable as some classic tells that exist in all forms of the game, both online and live. Things like betting patterns and bet sizing.

If your major skill in poker is reading people and picking up a “read” based on a live tell, then online poker may not be your thing.

Always remember, when playing live poker, “Play the player, not the cards”.

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