Glancing At Chips

Glancing at Chips

Some basic tells in poker are universal, they are profitable in all games. Although professional players are unlikely to make a mistake like this.

The tell goes something like this: As in all games of poker the player sees his new cards. It is at this point that you watch his eyes. They are shining bright and glance down at his chips. This may be done quickly by lowering their head which makes detecting this tell easier.

The most frequent way this tell occurs is just a small head movement and the rest of the work is done with their eyes finding their chips. This glance is second nature, an amateur doesn’t realize they are doing it. It usually happens very quickly followed by a glance away. You have to be looking at the player at the precise moment it happens. Not watching the player at the moment they see new cards is a massive mistake. Your cards aren’t going anywhere, so look at them later once you have already got they valuable information off your opponent.

This glance is a sign that the player either has a strong hand already or the cards they just saw improved their hand in some way.

This is not the type of player you want to be bluffing. And likewise making hero calls against this player hoping you are going to catch them bluffing is also a bad mistake.

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