Blinds Stealing

The main concept behind stealing the blinds is simple

A key skill to master when playing poker that will increase your long term win rate considerably is stealing the blinds. Just think that if a good win rate is 5bb/100 and you will be winning 1.5bb every time you successfully steal the blinds. That will provide a good boost to your win rate.

The main concept behind stealing the blinds is simple. Just make a raise from late position or on the button when it is folded to you and the blinds fold and you win the blinds. When you are on the button you should be stealing the blinds with a very wide range when the table folds round to you. This is for two reasons, one simply because you will be in position post flop if anyone calls and two you will win the blinds a lot and it will give your win rate a good boost. You should be stealing with between 30-40% of hand when it is folded to you. This includes all suited kings and a lot of suited queen as well as suited connectors and one-gappers. All on top of all the hands you will be opening anyway.

When stealing the blinds from the button it is also a good idea to open on 2x the big blind instead of the 3x that most players use from all other positions. This is simply because you give yourself a better price to steal the blinds and will be playing in position in a small pot when you do get called and are holding a weaker hand.

When you are in the small blind you should also be stealing the big blind a lot when the action is folded to you. Although you should not be opening as wide as you are from the button but definitely still wider than you normally open from other positions. But keep in mind that you will be out of position when you do get called. This time open for the standard 3x the big blind as 2x just gives the big blind too good of a price to call and play in position against you.

When you are in the blinds you should be aware that other players will be trying to steal your blinds too. The best way to defend this and prevent others from wanting to steal your blinds is to start 3betting them with a wide range of hands such as suited broadways, suited connectors as well as your value range of AK AQ and TT+. You can sometimes throw in some small pairs as a 3bet. When players realise that you 3bet them a lot when they try steal your blinds they will either stop stealing so wide or they will start to 4bet you. Then you can readjust to their play again.

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