How to play Pocket Jacks (JJ)

Play Pocket Jacks JJ

Pocket Jacks were not meant to be played easily. Here are a few instructions when you get dealt pocket jacks.

If you are playing in a low limit game then you have to raise with Jacks pre-flop. You do that because the more hands you can get out, the better chance they have of holding up.

If you are in late position then a raise can build a pot and put you on a good spot for the rest of the hand, you can take a free card on the turn if the flop looks scary.

If someone raises in front of you then you should probably just call. Especially if there are more players calling the first raise, the re-raise is not going to get anyone out and the chance of your jacks winning without a really good flop is low.

Jacks are a good hand but not in games where four or more people see the flop. You’ll need to get lucky for them to win since so many over cards can come.

If you see some scar cards on the flop, you are in trouble. You better throw a bet to see where you are standing if you are first to act. Besides, its almost always good to represent the flop. Meaning, you want to convince your opponent that it helped you.

Conclusions, don’t get married to your pocket jacks. Pockets Jacks are good hands but they won’t hold up a lot if the game is really loose.

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