Future Of Poker

Poker Future

The last decade has by far been the biggest for the game of poker as a whole. Many things have changed. The game has become more popular, more people are playing it and the knowledge surrounding the game has become more widely available and so players are constantly getting better. But what does the future hold for poker? Where will poker be a decade from now?

Of course no one truly knows the answer to that but we can all speculate and we all have our own ideas about what will happen to the game. I think that the game will become more popular than ever now that more sportsmen such as Rafael Nadal is getting involved in the game and the public profile of the whole game is going up. As things stand online poker is illegal in America but many believe that that will change in the coming years and if that does happen then the amount of players playing is going to grow exponentially which can only be good for the poker economy.

The past decade has spawned many “new bread” players that instead of playing the game by instinct like many good players used to they started to apply mathematical theories and ideas to the game and the game evolved very quickly and I think this is only set to continue. At the minute the game of poker is far from being solved but the new players are getting closer and closer all the time as they dig deeper into how “game theory” applies to poker. I think in the next ten years the knowledge of the applications of game theory will increase dramatically and the game will become tougher and tougher at all the stakes.

The popularity of Pot Limit Omaha will increase in the coming years as well. Over the past few years many high stakes players have moved from playing Holdem to playing PLO and I think this trend will continue as more and more people learn the game. This massive growth in the popularity and knowledge for the game will be a great challenge to any poker player and everyone wants to be the first person to “solve” the game. There has never been a better time to get involved in poker and really compete to be the best.

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